About me::
I l o v e photography. I love capturing sweet moments, true treasures of life with every family I come in contact with. Whether it be the passion in a wedding, the Joy of a new life, the happiness of a family, the fun of a senior or the sweet innocence of a child! I just absolutely love every stage of life and all that goes along with it!

Here is a little more about me:

The {{ W i f e }} of a very handsome man!

I am a mother of {{ t h r e e }} beautiful children!

I have two {{ F u r r y }} Babies!
{{ c o f f e e  a d d i c t }} I LOVE all things Coffee!!!

I love {{s i n g i n g }}

Microwave popcorn is my {{ J a m }}

{{ a d v e n t u r e  a w a i t s }} is my motto...ALWAYS up for a good adventure

I love everything {{ O u t d o o r s}}

Favorite color is {{ t e a l }}

I am {{ o b s e s s e d }} with baby feet

I have a bubbly and hyper personality and I believe that shows up in my work, I can "work a crowd" Getting everyone engaged and ready to participate! I love kids and love getting them excited about our photo session and getting them engaged in what is going on! I feel like God has given me a joy that makes my passion a reality, I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends as I enjoy this mission that God has placed in my life!

My biggest helper and support::
Jesus Christ. Seriously, I don't know where I would be in life without him, Before every session I pray and ask God to help me get the best shots possible, to some this may sound weird or strange... but let me just tell you, my God may be big, he may be all powerful and all knowing, but He cares about every detail in life. He cares even about the little things.. even your photo session turning out fantastic! I give all the glory to Him for my talent, for He is the one who has given it to me! Without Him i would be nothing, But with Him I can chase my dreams, and achieve them!