About me::
I l o v e photography. I love capturing sweet moments, true treasures of life with every family I come in contact with. Whether it be the passion in a wedding, the Joy of a new life, the happiness of a family, the fun of a senior or the sweet innocence of a child! I just absolutely love every stage of life and all that goes along with it!

Here is a little more about me:

The {{ W i f e }} of a very handsome man!

I am a mother of {{ t h r e e }} beautiful children!

I have two {{ F u r r y }} Babies!

{{ c o f f e e  a d d i c t }} I LOVE all things Coffee!!!

I love {{s i n g i n g }}

Microwave popcorn is my {{ J a m }}

{{ a d v e n t u r e  a w a i t s }} is my motto...ALWAYS up for a good adventure

I love everything {{ O u t d o o r s}}

Favorite color is {{ t e a l }}

I am {{ o b s e s s e d }} with baby feet


I have a bubbly and hyper personality and I believe that shows up in my work, I can "work a crowd" Getting everyone engaged and ready to participate! I love kids and love getting them excited about our photo session and getting them engaged in what is going on! I feel like God has given me a joy that makes my passion a reality, I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends as I enjoy this mission that God has placed in my life!