Mr & Mrs Brandon Miller

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|| Mr & Mrs Brandon Miller ||
I just do not know where to start in writing this wedding blog...
This day was filled with joy, laughter, tears and absolute perfection.
Brandon and Whitney have known each other since day 1. 
They began as childhood friends that eventually drifted apart...
they were then reunited in their teen years!!
They have the cutest collection of photos from when they were young, the cutest photo has to be the one where they were holding hands on the beach, I assume around age 2 or 3 :)
Fast forward through dating and falling in love....

Their wedding day...
As we arrived on that chilly Saturday morning to Mr & Mrs Miller's beautiful home, there was a very define peace in the home. Wedding preparations were beginning to take place and there was just an overall peaceful and happy atmosphere.
Around 11 am the girls arrived and the joy and happiness grew rapidly, smiles on every single face, talking about the plans of the day and how glorious Whitney would look in her dress.
The time came for Whitney to step into her beautiful dress... during this moment everything dropped silent. Once Whitney stepped into her dress the tears came, tears of joy of course. Every one seeing Whitney, glowing with a radiant joy, with a sparkle in her eye.
Today was the day, she would marry her prince charming, Brandon.

The first look...
I cannot write about their first look without tearing up. Oh it was perfect!!
They began holding hands around the corner of the porch... all the emotions they were feeling (AHHH and the rest of us watching!!!)
Then the moment came, Whitney's dress perfectly spread out on the porch floor...
as Brandon anxiously waited for the go ahead.
When he turned the corner and saw her, his face literally lite up. It was seriously the most heartfelt moment.
In that moment they connected, in a way they had never felt before I am sure... because as they saw each other today, as they embraced, as they looked into each others eyes they knew from this day forward, they would be ONE! Joined together as one, as a three cord rope, Brandon , Whitney and God. With God all things are possible.
From the moment of their first look on... no one could take the smiles off their faces. No one could take the joy from their hearts & sparkles from their eyes.
Simply put, they were made for each other.

The Ceremony....
The ceremony was gorgeous!!! It was held at Middle Creek Church of the Brethren.
The perfect atmosphere for Brandon and Whitney to join as one.
Candles burning everywhere you looked. 
Brandon had made a beautiful arch way for the stage.
 Everything around was so personalized and screamed Brandon and Whitney.
The guests were all so filled with Joy! Laughter, smiles and happiness everywhere!
Everything began right on time as planned.
The men walked in, the bridesmaids came down the isle,
the sweetest little ring bearer and flower girl the world has ever seen....
and then the BEAUTIFUL bride and her father. Everyone was in awe of Whitney.
Her father than gave her away into the trusting, brave and strong arms of Brandon.
Their parents prayed over them as they started their lives together, they broke bread sealing their commitment to God in their marriage. They lite a unity candle and exchanged the sweetest hand written vows.
They exchanged rings and sealed it with a kiss!
I now pronounce you MR & MRS BRANDON MILLER..
I got chills, these two right here are going to do AMAZING things.

The reception was help at Brick Gables, a beautiful venue in Lititz PA.
They reception was beautiful.  Flowers and garland lined every table, light music filled the room, the smell of the delicious meal in the air and the lighting was gorgeous.
Brandon and Whitney had the sweetest first dance together.
The whole evening was perfection, filled with laughter, kisses and ALL THE DANCING!
( Also, I personally have never seen so many people crowd surf at a wedding... INCLUDING the bride ;) )
Oh and I will not forget that glorious Donut Bar ;)

Brandon and Whitney, I was honored to be a part of capturing you special day! 
I can see that God will and is already using you together in great ways!
I am so excited to see what God has in store for your lives!
You are blessed.

To be continued....HERE


Andrea Kline(non-registered)
Love all of the've captured every great moment of the day! Very creative with your photography! Felt like I'm reliving the day again, perfect!
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