There is nothing quite like
the joy of a newborn! Little fingers, Little toes and that cute little button nose! As we all know so well, those tiny moments do not last forever!
Our babies grow up so fast! Well newborn photo sessions are a way to hold onto those moments for a lifetime! Keep all those memories of the sweet tiny features of your precious baby by having photos that highlight all of every part of
this sweet time!

There are a few options when it comes to Newborn Sessions:
(Studio Newborn Session)
We have a studio in our home in Ephrata PA which is perfect for newborn session!
We keep the studio at 80 degrees for the duration of a newborn session, we have found this to be one of the key elements in keeping your 
precious little one sleepy during their session! Another thing that we have found to really help keep baby sleepy so we can get all those sweet sleepy newborn poses is a noise machine, from oceans to heartbeats this AMAZING machine will help keep your baby sleepy!
We specialize in WHITE backdrops, and we strive to get those timless, bright and airy photos to help your baby be the main focus in the images!
We also have some old stained "Barn wood" for a different option!
We have a complete collection of props! You as Mommy & Daddy get to choose colors & themes for your newborn session!
We will then get a prop selection together so you can easily choose and we can start promptly upon your arrival.
You are ALWAYS welcome to bring anything you want to have incorporated in your session!

Our main goal ( besides getting amazing timeless images of your precious little one) is Safety!
Safety is top priority! Every move I make during your session will be for the safety of your baby!    Keeping them safe in positions is something that is top priority to me. I position them in safe and comfortable positions using blankets and soft wedges to get them in a safe position with comfort, making sure their arms, legs, head and neck safe. I will not put your baby in a pose unless I feel completely confident in the safety! 
That being said every baby is different, I may not be able to do every pose with your baby that I have done with others. 
If I do not feel it is safe I will not do it!
Another way we keep your baby safe is lots of hand washing. I will use hand sanitizer throughout your session!

All blankets, wraps and linens are washed in between sessions to assure a clean surface for every baby :)

    The session usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours depending on how baby does, some babies like to eat a lot during their session and some babies take longer to get to sleep than others :)
Feeding Baby: I always recommend you feed your little one before you arrive, then when you do arrive if baby needs it , you may top them off 
and we are ready to go! This is something I have tested and this seems to be the best, unless of course you are traveling a far distance!
You may feed the baby as much as you would like or that baby needs during the session! Some little ones tend to get super hungry 
during their session :)

( Lifestyle photo session )
This type of newborn session takes place in your home! 
Lifestyle sessions are so personal as we are using your home & your personal belongs , capturing the lifestyle of your family!
This photos can be so magical and cozy feeling!
You can choose the locations in your house where the session will take place! I will bring all the lighting and equipment needed to insure amazing photos!
For a newborn lifestyle session most families choose, the living room, their bed and often times the babies nursery!
In addition to capturing your family and precious new baby, I can capture the nursery and the items you used to personalize it!